In the digital rush of our times, the printed wedding album holds it's own. Kelsey Anne and I have witnessed this magic of preserving moments beyond screens, the tangible reliving of moments by holding them in your hands; we adore our wedding album!

A couple sit closely, flipping through their luxury wedding album.

These core feelings come from a time of growing up with print images, stored and curated between glossy translucent plastic pages in ringed albums, filling shelves in nearly every home. A rite of passage in many relationships is looking through a partner's family photos, much to their playful embarrassment.

Weddings are the culmination of dreams and promises, a rare opportunity to see families and friends blend after travelling to a specific place for a specific moment in time. A printed album is more than just photos; it's a time capsule of emotions and stories in a tangible keepsake that outlasts technology and reaches further than a screen. Each page turns into a cherished memory, a piece of art carefully curated to immortalize the laughter, tears, and overwhelming love shared on that momentous occasion.

A woman holds her wedding album in both hands, showing the "Love Always" in gold foil on the front cover.

This Valentine's Day, consider the enduring beauty of gifting or owning a printed wedding album. It's an investment in immortalizing your unique love story—a treasure to relive and pass down through generations. Embrace the ever lasting, and celebrate your love story in a masterpiece that stands the test of time.

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Above images of Samson and Kelsey Anne with their wedding album by Hugh Whitaker, he's tall and sweet.

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