Your Nova Scotia Wedding Photographers

Samson and Kelsey embrace on their wedding day with smiles.

We're Samson and Kelsey Anne, a husband and wife wedding photography duo. We capture intimate moments of tender souls and adventurous lovers all over Nova Scotia and beyond.

Aesthetically, our imagery tends to be true to life and soulful, with a colour palette rooted in the earthy and natural landscape around us with pops of gem tones . We work as a team to thoughtfully capture every moment of your wedding day, events and more. We're both queer, dorky romantics with tender hearts & a love for DIY. This page is an intro to us!

Banner Image, scrapbook appearance, with 4 polaroid images of Samson and Kelsey Anne in various poses. Scrap paper and dried flowers poking out around the images.
Kelsey and Samson share their personal vows under an oak tree in Nova Scotia.

Our Love Story

We met years ago, like another lifetime ago. We've known one another for over half our lives, and we started as friends of friends, then friends with each other. Our lives took us down a variety of different paths but every time they'd cross it was delightfully easy, we felt a connection full of laughs and sincerity. When the pandemic landed in Canada and we didn't have much else to do Samson posted a lot about his chickens on the ol' instagram, and Kelsey had a lot of free time to offer her unsolicited but humorous advice on chicken taming. She actually convinced Samson to build a swing for his chickens and even more amusing is that they actually used it. 

In the depths of isolation (the third or fourth lockdown?) Kelsey Anne and Samson both needed connection and they started writing letters to one another. Trusted friendship turned into curated playlists, long conversations, tears, support, growth and eventually romance. Built on a solid 16+ year friendship is was definitely a risk but totally worth it. We've lived our happiest lives ever since. 

In September 2022 Samson and Kelsey Anne tied the knot, surprising everyone who came to their housewarming party. Shocked faces turned into joyful tears, tight hugs, then laughter and dancing all night on the front lawn. Being it was a surprise and all, sadly a few key friends and family were unable to attend, so 10 days later under a massive oak tree on Kelsey Anne's grandparent's property we shared our vows once again and there wasn't a single dry eye around. 

Together we live on the south shore of Nova Scotia, learning new skills, tinkering, swimming in rivers and updating one another on the backyard wildlife. We take pride in our humble home and our simple life, our carefully curated shelves of photos, keepsakes, memories and momentos.

Samson and Kelsey embrace on their wedding day near the Medway River.

A short list of beautiful things:

Warm misty weather

Mulch on a worn garden path

Cabins, new and old

Pulsing embers in a fire

Steam rising off morning water

Autumn leaves on rolling hills

First page of a new journal  

Handholding and affection

Dried and fresh flowers

Carpets of moss nestled in trees

Buoys and nautical folk art

That day the buds open in spring.   

Handmade mugs and bowls

Old cameras and curled photographs

Weathered textures

Three facts about Samson.

I grew up on the east coast of

Canada in Round Hill, Nova Scotia;

a tiny little village where the woods are mysterious playgrounds, tall ferns are hideouts, ATVs are about as common as bicycles and there's always a story to be told about something.

Growing up in Mi'kma'ki, the son of a scallop fisherman, I have a deep respect and admiration for the ocean and environment around us. I appreciate Atlantic traditions, the folklore and mystery that surrounds this land and our rum runnin' roots. But storytelling in these parts stretches back further than any of my settler ancestors, all the way to the indigenous peoples, the true stewards of this land and keepers of it's oral traditions.

Storytelling is integral component of our lives that I remain inherently and deeply drawn to.

Most would agree that story and emotion are a perfect pair. It’s that combination that I love photographing most, what I strive for in my work. My thirst for travel, experiences and studying film had me fall deep in love with the art of documenting. I'm constantly anticipating, exploring, looking for that story and the emotion. Whether on the road or on the job I am wildly adaptable ... if things don't go as planned you can bet I will roll with it, help out however I can and make the most of what's happening.

Three facts about Kelsey Anne.

Like Samson, I grew up in a small town in the Annapolis Valley.

We actually grew up 40 minutes away from one another and only met in our late/teens early 20s in Halifax. I spent a lot of my early years exploring the farm, forests and fields of my grandparents property, feeding cows and fairies, imagining and exploring different worlds. I've always had a strong sense of imagination.

Some of my earliest core memories are meeting my relatives through family photos. Hearing their stories told to me, brought to life by my grandparents.

That connection to our history and creating keepsakes for future generations is such a fulfilling and meaningful component of this job.

The reverence that I hold for our elders and my approach to photography is tied so tightly. Holding on to those precious moments and relationships. Holding a photograph can stir those feelings and be that connection to the past. I love the way that photos keeps hazy memories fresh and stories preserved, ready to be shared again and again.

We are confident our style of photography is reflective of the story unfolding, candid in nature and stands out. We're gentle, and romantics for sure - we love adventuring and we're always willing to give something new a try.

Together we work to not only capture what’s most important to you, preserving memories and giving you photos to cherish forever, but to genuinely see you and retell your story with our skills and passion for this job.

We'd love for you to be a part of our story and let us help tell yours ...