based on the south shore of nova scotia, serving Canada's east coast and beyond.

soft hearted photography for tender souls

Two brides, resting forehead to forehead in tall beach grass at sunset.
A bride touching her groom's chest as they smile, almost laughing, face to face.

our philosophy

The time we have together is precious; the relationships and moments we choose to nurture can be honoured in photographs and treasured for lifetimes.

Samson and Kelsey Anne, two Nova Scotian wedding photographers, resting on their wedding night against their arbour.
A close up selfie of Samson and Kelsey Anne, both sun kissed and smiling.
Samson resting his chin on Kelsey Anne's shoulder while she hold her hand under her chin cutely.
A warm image at night of Kelsey Anne and Samson smiling with a city scape behind them.
A party atmosphere with Samson, open shirt, draping his arm over Kelsey Anne. They're smiling widely at one another.