With a candid approach our photos will narrate your story as truly as we see it unfolding, all the special and tender moments, including the ones you didn't even know you missed.

Weddings are our favourite part of life to photograph and with our background in hospitality we make it look easy, keep it fun and truly hone in on the moments that make it so dang special and important.

Totally biased opinion but our style of photography is perfect for micro weddings and elopements. What can I say, we've got a soft spot for small weddings and big feels.

A couple getting sprinkled with flower petals at Tangled Garden.
Silhouette of a bride applying lipstick.
A wedding party of friends make kissy faces playfully as the bride and groom kiss.
An emotional moment of a bride hugging her godmother.
Three toddlers, one hiding behind giant bouquet of flowers.
Two brides stand with guests at Halifax bar wedding.
Three youth, peeking through an open door before the ceremony begins.
A lesbian couple walk along a grassy beach dune in the maritimes.
A groom photographs his playful bride on the rocks at Bull Point Estate.
A bride swings the flower girl in circle during dance.
Queer couple eloping on epic cliffs overlooking crashing Atlantic waves.
A family laughs in a candid moment outside their front door.
Reflection of groom dipping bride at Bull Point Estate wedding.
Bride and Groom kiss in Halifax North End right after their wedding.
Two grooms at Grand Pre Historic Site.