Whether you're using you portraits for a new dating profile image, just want to celebrate yourself or you're looking for something a little more professional for work - any reason is a good reason to have a portrait of yourself.

Standing alone in front of a camera can be a nerve wracking experience. Knowing this and experiencing this first hand has genuinely informed how we approach portraits. Before we even meet up we'll send you a little guide to help you prepare and answer any questions you might have.

We do portraits one on one, Samson meets with you at a pre-determined locations and will walk you through a very simple posing process that can be as standard or as unique as you own personality and needs determine.

We do not offer studio portraits at this time.

Journalist with strong presence in front of greenery.
At home portrait with creative professional.
Musician posing with saddened expression.
POC laughing happily in the woods outside Annapolis Royal.
Government procurement officer smiling for professional headshot.
Creative queer person posing for moody portrait in dappled light.
Professional downtown headshot.
Creative at their desk in blue denim shirt.
Smiling Asian woman fawning towards camera.
Sassy gay stylist posing with hand on hip.
Hipster musician with stern expression and rolled up sleeves.
Woman posing for professional portrait in her office.
A beautiful woman in floral shirt rests her chin in her hand.
A black woman posing in a white shirt on a quiet Toronto street.
Older white man with suspenders and bowtie smiles pleasantly directly into camera.