Wedding Albums

If you're anything like us you know the power of holding a photograph. Nothing speaks truer to reliving a memory than holding a physical memento of it.

Banner Image, scrapbook appearance, with 4 polaroid images of Samson and Kelsey Anne in various poses with their own wedding album. Scrap paper and dried flowers poking out around the images.

We leaned into the love of holding a photograph and we got ourselves a wedding album. Absolutely one of the greatest gifts we've given ourselves. It's beautiful, and we just beam with pride when our friends and family flip through it. Stories and laughs with every turn of the page.


Our favourite size, 8x11 (or 11x8). This is the size we chose, a perfect balance of size and functionality.

starting at

$450 +hst


A bit smaller than the Standard album at 6x8 (or 8x6) making it the perfect size for a gift for parents or grandparents.


$350 +hst


The big one. 12x12. This album is coffee table sized, great for keeping on display, ready to share.


$550 +hst

All prices vary pending shipping and additional options. These estimates are based on average number of pages and leather binding. We'd be happy to walk you through a quote.

see below for options

Leather Cover Options

Leather colour swatches for wedding albums.

Linen Cover Options

Linen colour swatches for wedding albums.

Leatherette Cover Options

Leatherette colour swatches for wedding albums.