Weddings & Elopements

Here's where we break each wedding package down.
A weekend wedding package in Nova Scotia.

How long do we need to hire a photographer for?

The truth is - we don't know. Every wedding is different. Some are a full wedding weekend of events, celebrations and gatherings (either formal or informal and some impromptu) and others are a two hour elopement in a backyard. So we offer a variety of coverage, and our most common package is a full 8 hour wedding day. We also recognize not everyone needs or wants (or wants to pay for) 8 hours of coverage, so we keep it flexible with customizable wedding packages.

Our second most popular offering, The Weekend Wedding Package - as you might guess - covers the whole weekend of your wedding. Rehearsal, Family Dinner, your families meeting, post-wedding brunch etc. If you have people coming to join your from away and they're sticking around for a few days this is an excellent option to capture many special moments.

For every wedding we photograph we send you a questionnaire, from there we make recommendations, give you deeper details and decide on the package together. So don't feel like you need to know right now what package is best for you, we'll help you figure it out.

More info on each package below.

A bride and groom proceeding down the aisle, flower petals fill the air.


$3950 + HST

A full day! This wedding day coverage is our most common package. It's got you lookin' good from two angles; total and complete coverage from two photographers. We meet up with you while you're still getting ready for some details and final touches, tag along for a first look, ceremony of course, portraits of the fam, your friends all glam, fancy photos of the two of you, cocktail hour mingles, dinner and toasts, cutting the delicious cake, first dances and boom - we wrap up while it's still memories and not evidence of the wild night ahead. Your wedding day might take a different shape than this, but in our experience 8 hours of photography coverage is plenty for a single day event, if you've got multiple days of events leading up to you wedding we can always discuss longer coverage featured in our Weekend Wedding Package.  

Two nova scotian grooms in an autumn scene embrace gently, forehead to forehead.


$1200 + HST

Not all weddings require 8 hours of coverage, it's a fact. We've got such a soft spot for micro-weddings and nontraditional wedding approaches like elopements and brunch weddings we've decided to keep our custom package on the menu. These packages start at $1200 + HST for 2 hours and works on a sliding scale up to 7 hours. 

You would be surprised by what a great plan and two photographers can capture in 2, 4 or 6 hours. We'd love to show you some galleries. 

A mixed race couple in their 70's smiling right after their first kiss.


$5650 + HST

Weddings are a big deal, you've been planning this sucker for how long? You've got family and friends flying in from all over, you're dropping coin, you're looking your best - why just get photos on one day? This full wedding weekend package is flexible and all about you. It's three days, two nights, your complete photography needs.

We join up with you the day before you wedding for BBQ, your two families meeting, lawn games, pizza party, rehearsal - whatever it is, we're with you. We're with you for your whole wedding day. Then we rock up as the dust is still settling during your wedding recovery day, brunch and farewells. Weddings are often more than one day - so we're sure to capture it all for you with this inclusive weekend wedding package.

That's at least three different outfits to plan and a heck of a lot of memories preserved. 

Let's do this!