Your Wedding Day


Two wedding rings laid gently on a red, traditional Asian, wedding dress.

Below is some information and templates from over the years that we think is helpful to your wedding day running smoothly. Please feel free to connect with us if you need further details or see any conflicts with what we've suggested and what you have planned. We're here to help!

Table of




▽ FAMILY PHOTOS/Formal Portraits GUIDE

▽ The Grip and Grin

▽ goodie box (Your getting ready moments)

▽ meals and breaks

▽ wedding day timeline

▽ Timing tips




Two grooms put the final touches on their outfits before posing.


Every family is different — this is a very flexible guide you can use as a starting point for organizing your loved-ones for formal family portraits on your wedding day.

Family photo of Asian groom and his parents with his bride.

A + B + Partner A's Family + Partner B's Family.

A + B + Partner A's Family

A + Partner A's Family

A + Parents

A + Siblings (and sibling families)

B + A + Partner B's Family

B + Partner B's Family

B + Parents

B + Siblings (and sibling families)

We call these images the Formal Portraits because we focus on each individual in the photographs making sure there's no cellphones in pockets, sunglasses on, blinking faces, jackets mis-buttoned etc There really is so much to fuss about in these photos so that everyone in them feels and looks their best when they get a copy.

Each formal grouping takes about 2-3 minutes, so the above list usually takes right around 20 minutes, provided everyone arrives when they're asked and participates fully. Despite how simple changes between groupings are or what your list ends up looking like, use the 2-3min/grouping as a solid rule of thumb to plan your photos.

Of course families aren't always this simple and there's blended families, step families etc - this list is just a guide. Feel free to adapt however you need/would like to especially if there's folks with mobility issues or kiddos we'd like to get photographed first so they can move along but please keep the 2-3 min per grouping in mind when writing your list.

And if there's any family drama, no worries - we all got some. Just let us know and we'll work with you to keep things easy and stress free.  

*Tip We do not recommend posing for Formal Portraits like this for more than 30-40 minutes. Smile fatigue is a thing, it's genuinely exhausting to pose this long.

Group of alternative and fun young adults celebrating with their friend, a bride.

For any groupings that feel special but aren't fitting into the timing of formal portraits we can always do "Grip and Grin" photos.

These typically take place on the fly and are a nice, close, less formal but still posed photo of folks.


If we're with you while you're getting ready this section is for you!

A pair of worn flats flanked by a beautiful bouquet and the veil gently laid overtop.
A bride sitting crosslegged in a chair while her make is applied by a professional artist.
Three friends seeing someone in their wedding attire for the first time.

Getting ready moments can truly be some of the most special and tender moments of the day. Think about it, emotions are close to the surface, your nearest and dearest are there ... the day you've been anticipating is here, the moment you've been waiting for is SO CLOSE to happening. These hours before your ceremony can often be the first time a close friend or parent has seen you in. your wedding attire, perhaps you want to practice your vows, or maybe even just commemorate all the effort you put into choosing your outfits, the heirloom cufflinks you were just gifted, or perhaps the gifts you've selected for your wedding party. If you want those things captured, this is the time to make it happen. This is also one of the most ideal times to capture those up close shots of your wedding bands.

We're storytellers, all of us. These photos are setting the scene and build the story and introduce the characters of your wedding day. The movie never starts at the climax. Getting ready photos, in our opinion, are just as important as reception photos, first dances or candids of people attending.

So, what's the Goodie Box you're wondering ...

A Goodie Box is simply a collection of your outfit items and ecoutremont. The bits and bobs you'll wear with your fancy duds.

If you've seen those styled detail photos on instagram, or wedding inspo blogs, pintrest etc ... you've surely come across a "flat lay".

Flat lays are a photographer's way of showing the aesthetic of your day in an overhead, looking down, flat spread of details. We don't always do a flat lay, but they are a great example of what to set aside in your Goodie Box.

Wedding invitation laid flat with jewelry and rings.
Wedding invitation with rings, bride's shoes and veil nearby.
A gothic themed wedding invitation suite, accompanied by wedding bands, jewelry and florals.
Grooms shoes with socks, necktie and watch.

Our Checklist for your Goodbox - feel free to add items special to you, and ignore anything that isn't applicable.

Miscellaneous Items

  • vows
  • invitations/print materials
  • extra florals
  • sentimental items (first love note, ticket stubs, etc)
  • memento of a lost relative
  • cologne or perfume for the day
  • nail polish

Jewelry Items

  • engagement rings
  • the wedding bands
  • cuff links
  • necklace
  • bracelet
  • earrings
  • watch
  • tie bar
  • sunglasses

Clothing Items

  • wedding outfit
  • wooden hanger
  • shoes
  • veil
  • shawl
  • belt
  • vest
  • tie/bowtie
  • pocket square


We don't take breaks, but we typically eat when you eat!

If your photography package is less than 6 hours or doesn't overlap with meals disregard this whole section.

The moment three glasses touched during a toast.

Seating Ideas:

We strongly encourage you to seat your photographers (and videographers if you have them) amongst guests - either at their own little table in the back or at a table with others attending. This allows for coverage to continue uninterrupted during this time, speeches, impromptu toasts, candids between courses etc can all be captured when photographers are in the space and know it's happening.

Here is our dietary info whether we're eating as vendors in a separate space or as guests:

We're both gluten free (Samson has no choice but Kelsey Anne avoids most gluten is solidarity and for simplicity). When there's a choice in protein we typically choose chicken, but let us know if we need to make any decisions in terms of meals.

A bride and groom share a joyful candid moment during their reception dinner.


Providing us with a detailed schedule gets us on the same page and helps us be as prepared as possible for your wedding day. We also want to make sure we are in the right place at the right time to capture all of the moments with the people who are meaningful to you.

Schedules change, it's okay to not update us with every little change but about 2 weeks before you wedding day we ask that you confirm your schedule with us in case there's any issues we can spot in terms of coverage or timing. Here are some samples below of how long certain elements of the wedding day take us to capture properly.


This is a guideline of the approximate time we will need for each part of the day. We will work with you at any point to help create a schedule to ensure we're able to document everything perfectly.

Pro Tip: Leave buffers or over estimate the time needed for the key elements of your day to make up for any unforeseen setbacks; like forgetting the flowers in the hotel room, or your best man missing the shuttle to the ceremony location ... it happens.

A profile shot of a bride walking down the stairs, her hand barely grazing the banister.

*these times are estimates and guides - if you'd like to chat with us to see what's possible we're totally open to discussing how we work and could navigate your itinerary.

Getting Ready
1 hour / each

First Look

15-20 min


Ceremony Decor

20 min


15-30 min


Ceremony Congrats

30 min

Family Portraits

30 Minutes


Wedding Party Portraits

15-30 minutes


Formal Portraits

30-1hr of just you two

Reception Decor

15 min

cocktail hour


Reception & Party


sunset photos

15-20 min


Harbour Mist, a french inspired wedding venue on Nova Scotia's south shore.


Just the same way providing us with a detailed schedule gets us on the same page, providing us with all the confirmed address gets us in the same place. So if you're checking into a hotel room, or airBNB, shoot us a quick note when you check in that lets us know exactly where to find you and any pertinent parking information.

If we're meeting in nature, just drop us a pin.

Kelsey Anne and Samson share a moment reviewing a happy image on the back of their cameras.

One more thing ...

We want you to know that we're thrilled that WE get to photograph your wedding! It might sound cliche, and we know, we get to do this for a living so we see a lot of weddings but, truly and deeply, it is such a privilege every single time and it's always an honour.

Thank you for choosing us. We get to show up the greatest job in the world thanks to folks like you, welcoming us to witness your love.