Hugh Whitaker

This man is a gentle, kind hearted wizard with a camera. I’ve been deeply inspired by his work. His imagery is soul-forward and makes you feel it, hear it, and re-live it all. He captured our second wedding ceremony and I still cannot look at those photos and not be moved to tears. We’d be happy to share them with you.

Dave & Pring

Like us, Dave and Pring are a husband/wife duo! Based in the Annapolis Valley, their work is fun, romantic and candid. They do a great job of explaining their personalities and process on their website - they have a great approach that capitalizes on having two photographers with you.

Sinead Dubeau

Sinead's photography is lighter and airier than our own, but still captures those key moments in a gentle and authentic way. She has a vibrant, extroverted personality that puts people at ease when having their photo taken - nervous about having your picture taken, Sinead will take care of it.

Maritime River

River also has roots on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and shoots a wide variety of genres. Her photography is warm, filmic and genuine. River threw herself into her photography career and we love her passion; we happily recommend her.

Katie MacLeod

Katie's work is so great - we look forward to getting in front of her camera ourselves some day. We love her work, it's warm, a little moody but still timeless and classic. She's a fun character too, she has an undeniably positive spirit, and loves spooky/halloween things.