A scrapbook cutout of a Fuji camera.
A scrapbook cutout of a bouquet of flowers.
Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer portfolio.

Hugh Whitaker

This man is a gentle, kind hearted wizard with a camera. I’ve been deeply inspired by his work. His imagery is soul-forward and makes you feel it, hear it, and re-live it all. He captured our second wedding ceremony and I still cannot look at those photos and not be moved to tears. We’d be happy to share them with you.

Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer portfolio.

Dave & Pring

Like us, Dave and Pring are a husband/wife duo! Based in the Annapolis Valley, their work is fun, romantic and candid. They do a great job of explaining their personalities and process on their website - they have a great approach that capitalizes on having two photographers with you.

Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer portfolio.

Sinead Dubeau

Sinead's photography is lighter and airier than our own, but still captures those key moments in a gentle and authentic way. She has a vibrant, extroverted personality that puts people at ease when having their photo taken - nervous about having your picture taken, Sinead will take care of it.

Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer portfolio.

Maritime River

River also has roots on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and shoots a wide variety of genres. Her photography is warm, filmic and genuine. River threw herself into her photography career and we love her passion; we happily recommend her.

Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer portfolio.

Katie MacLeod

Katie's work is so great - we look forward to getting in front of her camera ourselves some day. We love her work, it's warm, a little moody but still timeless and classic. She's a fun character too, she has an undeniably positive spirit, and loves spooky/halloween things.

Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer portfolio.

Rebecca Frank Co.

Probably one of the single most inspiring photographers we've been blessed enough to have capture our goofy faces. We can tell you first hand this human gets right into your soul and brings the belly laughs out. She's a handful, she's a heartful, she's a leader and a cheerleader. Her style is gregarious, captivating, old school and edgy. The only reason she's hiding down here on the bottom of this list is because she's only in Nova Scotia intermittently and she's often booked way in advance. Basically famous.

Coming in hot ...

Tips when hiring a photographer ...

The reason we made this list, and included who we did in it, is because we've watched stories unfold about deposits disappearing, photographers ghosting or double booking, gross scams, and just poor business management.

As professionals in this industry we have a shared responsibility to manage the risk of errors and run our businesses with care and ample consideration - that being said mistakes do happen, hard drives fail, and well, shit does go wrong sometimes.

It's important to protect yourself from disaster just as hard as a good photographer, any one of the photographers on this list, will try to protect and preserve your images for you.

Here are some tips to consider when hiring a photographer so your story doesn't become one of those stories ...

Samson and Kelsey Anne smiling in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.

See full galleries.

Ask to see full galleries, no photographer should hesitate to show off their work to you. Specifically ask to see a gallery that shows a similar length of coverage to what you're seeking, and if at all possible something that shows a similar environment. IE: Are you having a barn wedding in dark barn - ask for something similar. This will show you they're capable of shooting in your chosen environment.

Sign a contract.

Despite common belief, contracts are not that scary. They're just outlines of an agreement you're participating in. They're there to protect you AND your photographer, they serve to protect you both. Do not give a photographer, or any vendor, your hard earned cash without a contract in place. Read that contract, ask any questions you have and make sure you understand it before you sign it.

Is there a backup plan?

What if your photographer breaks their wrist hiking for an elopement the weekend before your wedding? Do they have a plan? What is it and do you know it too?

Read their google reviews.

What do other people say about them? This will give you insight on not just their work but HOW they show up for their clients (or not). This is important to look for.

If at all possible, meet them.

It's not always possible, so this one is a bonus. If you can meet them in person do it! Go grab a snack and sign the contract in person even. If you can't meet in person (for whatever reasons) try to get them on zoom, skype, or even a phone call to make sure their energy matches yours. Most photographers will want to suss you out too.

Do the Engagement Session!

We're of the opinion you need to like your photographers or you're not going to like them chasing you around all day for your wedding. One surefire way to determine if you like someone is to spend some time with them. We recommend booking an engagement session before booking them if you're unsure.