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You've found something we don't do ... but here's some details and the INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS WE LOVE & TRUST that do newborn and motherhood sessions.


There's a handful of reasons we don't do Newborn Photography or Motherhood sessions. We're going to share a few of those with you in the hopes that it can help you find just the right photographer for you.

First things first, we're not parents and while we are blessed with a small (and growing) herd of nieces we don't pretend to know how to handle, pose and care for newborns although we're getting lots of practice these days. We're happy to include newborns in family sessions but we believe anyone responsible for handling your newborn should be well versed, perhaps a parent themselves, and aware of all the nuances involved in Newborn Photography.

A lot of people don't know that common newborn poses that flood the internet are actually composites of multiple poses, and not knowing that a well intended photographer may actually put your infant in compromising positions that actually cause them pain and discomfort. We live in a drafty little home without a studio space, and temperature controlled spaces/studios are very important for newborn work, imagine doing a full three hour session in your undies?

Which leads to our next point, plan to be at your newborn sessions for 2-3 hours. Some photographers may have a faster process but remember you will likely need to pause for feeding, diaper changes, etc.

Most importantly consider that Newborn Photography (and photography in general) is an unregulated industry. You will have to vet your photographer and their processes yourself. Make sure there's a contract in place and that you're both fully and entirely aware of what will be happening and how.

Every photographer has a different process and aesthetic, find what you're comfortable with and go from there.

Here's some starter questions you can ask your future photographer:

What type of newborn training have you acquired?

Do you photograph in our home or in studio?

Are you insured for both?

Is your studio temperature controlled?

Do you do swaddling or composite poses?

How long are sessions?

Do you provide props/materials etc?

Nova Scotia Photographer portfolio.

Tracy Perry

With over a decade of experience, Tracy focuses all her work on newborns, babies and motherhood. Called a "baby whisper" by clients, she's sure to capture the beauty of your newest family member with grace and tenderness.

Nova Scotia Photographer portfolio.

Chelsea Yeaton

Her work is warm and rustic, offering studio and sunset sessions for maternity, newborns, children and families. Based in the Wolfville/Windsor area of the Annapolis Valley.

Nova Scotia Photographer portfolio.

Hanna Wolf

Filmic, timeless, rich and moody ... art. If you're looking for a artistic approach to your newborn and motherhood images look no further than Hanna.

Nova Scotia Photographer portfolio.

DeeDee Morris

For any milestone, but especially Motherhood, we recommend DeeDee. An artist who leads with and listens with her heart, raw and honest - she's a legend in the Nova Scotia photography landscape.

Nova Scotia Photographer portfolio.

Shannon Bower

A classic newborn style with 100s of sessions of experience. There's nothing you could throw at Shannon she can't tackle. Located at her in-home temperature controlled studio in Bedford, NS.