Portrait Guide

Banner Image, scrapbook appearance, with 4 polaroid images of various personal portraits. Scrap paper and dried flowers poking out around the images.

What to Expect

For portrait sessions it's typically just Samson joining you. He'll meet you at a location you've selected together and from there he'll show you the basics of how to pose. It's an easily repeatable process so together you'll go for a small walk around the area trying various backdrops as you go.

If you choose an outfit that is easily layered or have a space to change nearby you can even squeeze in a second look during your portrait session.

It's all very organic and feels like you're just hanging out with a friend, keeping it as low key and stress free as possible.

What to Wear

Keep in mind what type of vision you have for your photos when selecting your outfits. If it's a business portraits we're doing consider some business casual attire or something specific to your craft. If you're updating a dating profile perhaps wear something a little fun that shows off your personality.

Avoid obvious logos.

Whatever you wear, make sure it's something comfortable and that you would normally wear or will wear again. It's important that you feel like yourself in order to look like your best self.

How to Prepare

If you plan on getting a haircut, schedule it about a week ahead of your photos - this gives scared hairs a chance to relax. Avoid getting a sunburn and if you do get one consider reaching out to reschedule.

Drink lots of water in the days leading up to your session, it sounds like weird parent advice to give you but we're being serious, it definitely gives your skin a healthy glow. And it's just good for you.

Eat your veggies too.

Lint roll yaself! Samson sometimes has a lint roller in his bag but it's not a guarantee. Get the pet floof, stray hairs, random pills of laundry off your outfits beforehand, this will also help you get your photos faster because it's way less time editing each image.