Family Photo Guide

Banner Image, scrapbook appearance, with 4 polaroid images of various families. Scrap paper and dried flowers poking out around the images.

What to Expect

For family photo sessions you typically have both of us joining you. Samson takes the lead with group shots, Kelsey Anne gets a second angle and heaps of candids. We normally start with some introductions, chit chat and some less posed images to warm up, then once everyone is ready we jump into it with group shots.

Depending on group size and the variations you'd like this can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

From there we like you to have an activity planned, and this doesn't need to be elaborate but it's best if everyone can be involved. Some examples are roasting marshmallows around the campfire, building sandcastles if we're on a beach, jumping over waves as they break on the sand, walking the family dog, raking and jumping in leaves or making snow angels or a snow fort.

It's all very organic and we like it to feel like we're just hanging out with the family, keeping it as low key and stress free as possible.

What to Wear

We always like to tell folks to coordinate their outfits, but not overly. Make it look like you thought about it but didn't try too hard to match.

Dress for the season, and dress for the location. A sundress in a snowy field looks just as out of place as a suit and tie on the beach.

Keep your personality evident by wearing clothes you would normally wear or will wear again. Avoid obvious logos and super busy patterns. Solids are great, neutrals and gem tones are terrific. Here's some colour palettes you could follow:

Variety of colour combinations for family photos.

These examples are all unique enough to show your personality but still play well together in a group setting.

How to Prepare

If you've got a family with kiddos let's work together to plan your family session around eating & napping schedules for the littles, this way they can truly shine for all the right reasons.

Lint roll yaselves! We sometimes have a lint roller in our bag but it's not a guarantee. Get the pet floof, stray hairs, random pills of laundry off your outfits before we start shooting. This will also help you get your photos faster because it's way less time editing each image.

Speaking of pets - if you want to bring the furriest member of the family along - we're all for it. Let us know if your pet has any special commands, needs or likes treats ahead of time so we can be extra prepared to meet them.