We've always loved the charm of Nova Scotia's October backdrop; a perfect setting for any wedding, but especially a subtly themed, "til death" inspired, exchange of nuptials.

Chelsie, a self proclaimed "spooky bitch", has a knack for the DIY and it was surely showcased throughout the day. From her handmade bouquet, to stitching her belt on moments before stepping out the door, there's nothing she can't tackle and make look damn good. This whole celebration was infused with a special flavour of moody, autumnal energy and spicy love. The star of the show was Chelsie, donning purple hair, in a striking black wedding gown that embodied sophistication and individuality.

With Chelsie and Tanner at the helm it was a laid-back vibe from beginning to end, perfectly complemented with dark touches throughout, making this wedding a unique and memorable experience for all involved. A casual yet captivating October wedding we wont forget. Thank you Chelsie and Tanner for proving how embracing individuality can make your big day truly unforgettable.