Listen friends, a backyard DIY wedding is our jam.

Ariana and Ian jumped into spring full tilt with their backyard DIY wedding. We loved every bit of it. They got ready together in their bedroom, helping one another each step of the way. They exchanged vows around the corner in a provincial park, tall trees filled with spring songbirds creating a gorgeous dappled light on their ceremony. Back home they had a help-yourself bar decked out with twinkle lights, their deck was the dance floor, a firepit on the lawn for folks with two left feet, and a garden turned restaurant where everyone dined on local pizzas. Afterwards guests kick back, soaking up the remaining sunshine and relaxed vibes. As the day melted into sunset we took off, laughter and farewells filling the air behind us. We imagine the happy couple danced the night away, under a canopy of stars and surrounded by friends, family, and the unmistakable feeling that love was in full bloom.