This is where we post some of our favourite photos from personal work including camping and exploring Nova Scotia, further travels and more.

We like sharing a peek into our personal lives and the fun times and beautiful sights we get to experience when we're not at weddings, editing or planning.

Select images available for print; inquire via contact page.

Icelandic hillside with waterfalls on both sides.
Protest moment with "Trans Lives Matter" sign prominently displayed above crowd.
Astrophotography of night sky above Digby, Nova Scotia.
Adventurous camping scene with winter hammock set up.
Winter at a marsh in Nova Scotia.
Snow holding on to evergreen trees in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.
A snow covered trail with the shadow of a bare tree.
A path carved by rushing water is now a footpath at Athabasca Falls.
An abandoned pool and smoke stack in the background.
Clouds moving in over the mountain tops.
Iceland looking like mars.
Street photography in Cuba of a topless man and punk.
Toronto trains running with the CN Tower in the background.
A wild horse exploring the camera upclose.
Cuban street photo of a man riding a bike with one hand a chicken under his arm.