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Each formal grouping takes about 3 minutes, so the above list usually takes right around 30 minutes. Despite how simple changes between groupings are or what your list ends up looking like, use the 3min/grouping as a solid rule of thumb to plan your photos. Of course families aren't always this simple and there's blended families, step families etc - this list is just a guide. Feel free to adapt however you need/would like to especially if there's folks with mobility issues or kiddos we'd like to get photographed first so they can move along.

The process is smoother, more fun, and sometimes quicker if there's someone who can be our "wingman" and call out from the list. It's helpful if that person knows a lot of the folks involved. With someone else holding on to our list we can focus on just the individuals in the photograph making sure there's no cellphones in pockets, sunglasses on, blinking faces, jackets mis-buttoned etc. There really is so much to fuss about in these photos so that everyone in them feels and looks their best when they get a copy.

We don't typically recommend you posing for family photos for longer than 30 to 45 minutes because if you've ever tried smiling for that long it's kind of hard and smiles get harder and harder. It doesn't seem like it would be but we promise you'll be done posing by the end of it and we'd like to still have some smiles in the tank.

For any groupings that feel special but aren't fitting into the timing of formal portraits we can always do "Grip and Grin" photos. These typically take place on the fly and are a nice, close, less formal but still posed photo of folks.

Every family is different — this is a very flexible guide you can use as a starting point for organizing your loved-ones for formal family portraits on your wedding day.

A + B + Partner A's Family + Partner B's Family.

A + B + Partner A's Family

A + Partner A's Family

A + Parents

A + Siblings (and sibling families)

B + A + Partner B's Family

B + Partner B's Family

B + Parents

B + Siblings (and sibling families)


I recommend getting us to capture some getting ready moments (even just the tail end) for a handful of reasons and most of them are simply logistical. It helps everyone get comfortable with us on the day. It's weird to have a new person in the space with cameras, but this part of the day is a safe time for folks to let their guard down and get comfortable quickly around the big lens and the two of us moving around. It's also pretty much the ONLY time we have to photograph smaller details like the rings, outfit details like shoes, invitations, any special or heirloom jewelry, etc but also the more obvious items you'll be wearing, your actual outfits.

And selfishly, as storytellers ... These photos are building moments that are important in the finished collection of images because they help set the scene and build the story of your wedding day. The movie never starts at the climax. Getting ready photos, in our opinion, are just as important as photos of receptions, first dances or candids of people attending.


we don't take breaks, but we do eat when you eat!
here is our dietary info:
seating ideas


We ask for A LITTLE info to help us get on the same page and be prepared for your wedding day. We want to make sure we are in the right place at the right time to capture all of the moments with the people who are meaningful to you.