December 17, 2017

Tyler & Katelyn Snowy Engagement

Engagement, nova scotia
two people walking in the snow, along the water. it's sunset.

Tyler and Katelyn

How did you two meet? 

Katelyn offers right away, "Well, he was driving a dump truck." and then Tyler jumps in to finish "And she was BBQing and selling sausages or something on side of the road."

That sounds like a joke. Are you joking? 

"No, no it's for real!" Tyler nonchalantly confirms with a knowing smile. He knows it sounds funny but it's just truth.

So what, you just stopped and said hi? Bought a sausage?

"No! hahaha! He just kept driving by -" Katelyn laughs and smiles in Tyler's direction. He leans back in his chair but chuckles along.

For real? Like how many times?

"I drove by like three times." Tyler responds and Katelyn jumps in with laughter still in her voice "Yeah, and he would wave every time too."

They laugh together now, like it's an inside joke. Tyler chimes in, "Yeah, I did. But when I was ready to stop and meet her she was already packed up and gone." Tyler turns to look at me, "So the next time I saw her I almost convinced myself to go say hi but I still couldn't do it. It was a few days later when I saw her loading stuff in her truck and I ran across the street, like literally ran, I went right up to her and asked for her number right away." Tyler smiles proudly at Katelyn and I get this feeling that he had to run because if he walked he would have had time to chicken out again.

Katelyn picks up from there with a smile of her own "I almost didn't give him my number, I made him sweat for a little bit. Yeah, but then I gave it to him."

They pause their story to smile at one another and then Katelyn continues, "He texted me first and I waited such a long time before I texted him back."

"Oh It's true,!" Tyler jumps back in remembering his wait, "That was awful, she waited forever. I was so scared and nervous after getting her number I had to go sit in my dump truck."

Katelyn adds, "Oh yeah, his fingers were shaking when he put his number in my phone." 

You glad you ran across the street Tyler?

"Very." Tyler looks at Katelyn with his beaming face, "I couldn't let her go again." 

Tyler and Katelyn always look at each other this way, like they're telepathically laughing about something or like they're in the middle of an inside joke and can't quite contain themselves. They're brimming with excitement (especially for each other), always going on adventures and quick to share their smiles and stories. 

winter engagement sunset
winter engagement sunset
winter engagement sunset
winter engagement sunset
winter engagement sunset
running in snow winter engagement sunset
running in snow winter engagement sunset
snow winter engagement sunset
winter engagement sunset

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