June 23, 2019

Toronto Pride Parade 2019

adventure, toronto, Ontario, canada, lgbtq, queer

I almost didn't go ...

because parades are so corporate and the large crowds are anxiety inducing. But I was feeling great, in a wonderful mood and have never been to a pride parade in Toronto. I was up for the adventure and my pals were game to tackle it with me. So we loaded up our bag with water (and a sneaky little road drink), gatorade, grabbed our transit passes and went to brave the crowds. I'm very short and realized as soon surfaced from the subway to a grid locked sidewalk full of people that we weren't going to be getting a good view. My pal Natalie and I both come in under 5'2. So capturing a pride parade as a shorty in the third row was going to be a fun challenge, but honestly, I'm happy with the results. The depth of the crowd in the foreground really displays how packed the sidewalks were. We only stayed for about an hour because (parade's are corporate and crowds are overwhelming and) the sun crept around a skyscraper and started moving the shadow that was protecting us from a dreaded sunburn. I'm glad I went .... I enjoyed myself and I definitely enjoyed the energy.