Sarah and Cory - Annapolis Royal Elopement

June 11, 2019 Wedding, elopement, nova scotia

Heck yeah .... let's elope!

I had one heck of a fun time with Sarah and Cory. This elopement started months and months ahead of time with correspondence between Sarah and I. She had some ideas and a few things she was sure about, but she mostly gave me the reigns and let me plan an incredible day for them!

We started by getting ready at The Turret Bed and Breakfast in Annapolis Royal, followed by a super private ceremony deep in the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. Afterwards we strolled around the beautiful grounds with music softly playing from a bluetooth speaker in our bag. We stopped here and there for portraits, Cory and Sarah danced and smiled and laughed and eventually we popped some champagne!

With no scripted schedule for the day, just some shared ideas and a bunch of tricks up my sleeve, we went off to Fort Anne for a picnic lunch. Soft music still playing and smiles all over our faces we chatted and laughed and talked about our lives. With full tummies and hearts we headed off to one of my favourite places ever, a gorgeous hike through old woods that brings you right out by a waterfall and cliffs overlooking the Bay of Fundy. We fully soaked in that view, but didn't take too long because rain was on the horizon. Cory and Sarah knew what to do next! "Take us somewhere we can shotgun a beer!" Cory declared, "Done!" I responded!

We tore off out of there ahead of the rain and I directed them to a fun sandpit near where I grew up. Sarah and I laughed and jumped excitedly as Cory prepared their beers. Once they downed those suckers they tossed me a cold surprise! A can of cider. My turn! We stuck around the area for a bit, did some sparkler photos and chatted more. I had made a reservations for dinner so we headed back to the bed and breakfast to drop off our things. And because there was one more indulgence. A cake!

Sarah frosted a sweet massive cupcake with delicious buttercream icing and served it up on a Nova Scotian tartan cloth I had brought along "just in case". It felt like a perfect nod to the area. We sat down at Cafe Compose overlooking the Annapolis Basin and had the entire glass covered patio to ourselves. It was pretty special.

Once we'd fuelled up on delicious food I took them back to The Turret for one more treat .... a first dance. With the bluetooth speaker, battery still going strong, these two fell into one another's arms and smiled and swooned their way around the front patio as misty rain gracefully fell down all around us.