May 25, 2019

Brittany & Jon - Glenerin Inn

Wedding, Ontario, canada

Rain, boy did it rain. We all spent the first part of the day refreshing the weather apps and waiting for a glimpse something other than the predicted thunder showers. Brittany and Jon had planned to have an outdoor ceremony, even though we had an indoor location for backup, and at some point in the day we just tossed caution out the door and it was decided the wedding would be outside. Umbrellas were collected and the word was out - rain or not .... the "I do"s would be outside.

Jon, admittedly adores a good storm, and Brittany just wasn't compromising on wanting to exchange vows under the trees outside the Glenrerin, so it was literally the perfect storm. Everyone gathered, dried their chairs and took their seats and got ready to watch. Even the clouds stopped raining just in time to watch the ceremony. During quiet moments you could hear the forest behind Brittany and Jon dripping it's fresh droplets to the forest floor. 

The rain only paused long enough for the ceremony though .....

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