Alyson & Colin Rainy Engagement, Halifax Waterfront

June 3, 2019 Engagement, nova scotia

We almost rescheduled. I watched the weather all day and was convinced we could pull this session off before the rain fell down. Timing was against us and with few options for rescheduling and limited availability between us we forged ahead. I arrived at our location along the Halifax waterfront early and before I could get out of the car the clouds let the gates open. The rain was so loud on my windshield. I begun to panic a little but saw the overhang of the nearby Seaport Market through the blurry windshield and thought to myself that it would work in a pinch ... if this rain didn't stop could I really pull of an hour session in only the one spot ... I was brainstorming more locations and looking at maps and basically just getting sweaty and stressed. I decided to accept the test.

Alyson and Colin rolled up and parked close, they were ready with umbrellas, their energy was fun and sweet and enthusiastic. These two are silly in love so that always helps but they were especially smiley today having just bought a house together in the literal moments before coming to see me. They were so terrific to be with, an orb of sunshine on an otherwise wet a dreary day. The way they touch and hold one another, how they're always laughing together and googly eyed at one another.

From our first meeting I knew they'd be a pleasure to work with, but especially so in this rainy situation we found ourselves in. So we kicked it off in the sheltered overhang area of the Halifax Seaport Market, things were going well but just as I was getting my stride the rain let up and we darted out into the rest of the world with gusto. 

The mood in the air, the relief and excitement when the rain cooperated, the calm peacefulness of being the only people out there ... honestly, I am so happy it rained.

45 Minute Engagement Session (due to weather) | 71 Images