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Niagara Falls, Ontario

June 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Recently my Mum and Gramma went on their very first vacation, and they chose to go to Ontario. A part of that trip was spent in the Niagara Falls area and when my mum came back she came back with a camera loaded full of photos and asked me to edit them. 

While editing her photos I was reminded of my visit to the falls. I was floored by the magnitude of them. I mean, yeah, they're big ... but they're HUGE. We happened to drive near them just looking for parking and the mist rising hundreds of feet in the hair had me rolling down the window with wide eyes hoping to catch a glimpse. You see the mist, then you hear the roar long before you see the water cascading over the crestline. My heart was pumping before we even found a space to park. 

My Love being a sweet smiling prince! 

There's something magical about Niagara Falls ... I can't quite place it. It's sort of kitschy about this town but also very nostalgic - which is strange having never been there before. It's mystical, kind of unbelievable in more ways than the size and sounds of the falls themselves. I also quite liked the Skylon Tower. It's like a mini CN Tower (which probably pisses locals off .... but it's even got a rotating restaurant like the CN Tower - I mean c'mon!)



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