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#fredstyle - Beauty Mogul Fred Connors

February 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's been almost 7 years I've been working with Fred and his partner Joel. Fred Connors has been a beauty industry trailblazer for over 30 years. Back before I moved to photography full time I worked in Joel's cafe in a shared space with Fred's salon. The space shared was a luxury lifestyle concept FRED. beauty food art. Housed in the iconic Bank of Nova Scotia building on the corner of North and Agricola, this location became an anchor in the neighbourhood a hub for connecting and creating. It was an inspiring environment to work in, a constant flow of creatives in and out, using the space to display and create art. It was in this time that I decided to go back to school and study film, a life changing and career affirming decision. Once I left the cafe my primary income became photography, and time and time again Fred still hires me, but as a photographer to help with projects and capture ideas, product and events for him and his team. Thank you for the years of support Fred, it's been a pleasure to learn from you and watch you grow and expand to New York City! 

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