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Heidi Boudoir Session

February 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Heidi is a horse riding, giant-truck driving, bad ass lady from the deep woods of Nova Scotia. Being outdoors, drinking up good red wine and hanging with her cat Atticus are some of her favourite things to do. Find Heidi at @heidi_anne91 on insta.

Heidi approached me with this idea through instagram. She hadn't seen boudoir work in my portfolio and was curious if I did this style of work. I do, but truth is not often. Boudoir sessions always make me a bit nervous. Perhaps it comes from a place of awareness around my role as a male identified photographer and the responsibilities around posing and directing (in most cases) a woman how to position her body. There is so much room for error where things go from comfortable to really uncomfortable with just a few words.

When we met up, before we started anything, I acknowledged right away that she’s in charge. I felt it was important to recognize the space men already take up in this world and that I wanted to take up as little of this space as possible. So to kick it off we looked at some poses online and chatted about the ones we liked and didn't like, investigated our space, went back and forth with a few ideas and laid out her outfits. We picked outfits for each space, discussed the variations of that outfit and got to work.

I would usually kick off a pose by sitting in as the model to show a few ideas, this usually made us laugh but also gave Heidi a strong concept vision as she jumped in the pose and made her own variations.

Making it a truly collaborative process like this and checking in with Heidi regularly really helped in keeping us both comfortable, jiving with the process, and focused on the end goals. From there it's just reviewing images and making adjustments, fun side conversation, lots of jokes, and an end product we're both proud of.

This was supposed to be a one hour shoot but we got on a roll. We had a blast, laughed a lot, made triple chin faces for fun and went over our time by almost a half hour. The end results are something we are both so excited to show.

Here are some of my favourites.


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