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Dual Camera Strap

July 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There's nothing I hate more than missing perfect moments because I am swapping lenses. Well, maybe there are things I hate more, but regardless ... it really sucks. So to avoid this I started carrying two bodies during fast-paced special events, namely weddings. It's  obviously really helpful, but  it comes with some drawbacks. Most notable having two free hanging cameras, one over each shoulder, both swinging and dangling around while I try to convince them to behave. 

It wasn't good enough for me. I needed a fix. I spent about 3 days researching dual cameras staps, materials, drawing designs, messing around with some belts I had, and eventually settling on a design that I thought made the most sense based on what I saw through various independent makers and companies that specialize in these things. Ultimately the plan and design changed even more as I began the process. 

These are the pieces I ended up with. Some do-hickeys, dinglebobbers, a couple what's-it's, 2 belts and a special thing called a Chicago screw. All together this costs me $62 (Canadian). 

Swapped out the cheap silver buckles for these worn brassy looking ones cause I wanted them to fit in with all the other dinglebobbers. These ones fit a little more snug and therefor jiggled less, so there's less noise when I am using it which was an unintentional bonus. 

Next I measured out and marked where the two belts would connect. This needs to be at the centre of the belt, and ideally equal distances from the buckles. fo symmetry. I chose to fasten the belts at 12 inches from the buckles. I determined this by slinging them on my body and deciding where I wanted to buckles to end up. 

Once I had my holes marked I chose my drill bit based on the size of the Chicago Screw (top left). Turned out I had to go up a size and it still took some patience to work it in. Wiggling and force. Better to go small and work it in that to make the hole too big in the first place. 

So, this is what it looks like when you do up the buckles, you can start to see it taking shape and understand how this is gonna work. You can tell from the image that my belts are stiff. I did buy $10 belts from a thrift store ... I could have purchased strips of leather, or even softer belts but I was just focused on them matching and getting home to make this! I assume these belts will soften up with use. Do any of you know ways I can soften them or condition them? I would say this is my only complaint about the entire project. 

Up next is how to attach the cameras to the straps. You could probably do this many ways, but this is what I sorted out and I am very pleased. I chose three pieces to make my attachments. Triangle "D Ring" at the top connected to a swivel clip, which attaches to a military looking canvas and flat carabiner. I just liked the aesthetic looks of this. My decisions here were pretty basic, I looked at a few options and settled on this combination because: 

a) the triangle "D-Ring" had smother edges and is a solid piece. It's closest to my shirt and it wouldn't catch on it. 

b) the clip has a swivel so my cameras can turn and rotate. 

c) the flat carabiner fit the D Screws in the bottom on my camera and felt the most secure of my options. There's a few brands that sell these, I happened to have a Black Rapid Fastenr branded one, so for the second one I picked up a third party non-branded one from Henry's. 

Well there you have it folks. A simple fix for our common problem. I hope you dig it. if you made one of these let me know, I'd love to see it! 






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