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Daniel and Trish - Proposal

November 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Daniel is a old friend of mine, a local actor, a go-to guy for a brew and a fun time.  He wrote me one night letting me know he was going to propose to his girlfriend Trish and he was hoping that I could photograph it.  I couldn't imagine saying no - so yes, I said yes!! hahahah.

Daniel went ahead and made up an excuse to tell Trish,  something like I had asked the two of them to pose for me, probably citing that I wanted new "autumn looks" in my portfolio. She obliged, probably thinking they were doing me a favour. 

Daniel and I met the day before to explore Shubie Park in Dartmouth. "Trish has loved Shubie Park since she was a kid (one of our first dates was there) so it seemed like a great backdrop." ... but we still had to figure out precisely where in the park.  

Daniel brought me through the trails, showed me Trish's favourite bench, and we explored the lake and some more trails. We couldn't quite nail down the perfect place because conditions might be different and a lot of people walk their dogs in this park and we were hoping to avoid A) an audience and B) dogs running around. Too many variables. But we made a plan ... 

We agreed that on the day I would say >exactly< this phrase: "This spot is perfect!" and that was his cue to drop to his knee. It was a lot of trust he had in me ... I definitely would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. 

The day of our photoshoot Daniel dug out the ring he'd been hiding in his golf bag. "I knew she wouldn’t ever look there, She's not a golfer." and he almost blew our cover before we even got to the park. Daniel, a man who can probably wake up and leave the house in less than 30 minutes was dressed and ready to go 2 and a half hours early! Surely Trish would be suspicious? 

I met them in the parking lot and we chatted a bit on our walk in.  I pulled out the camera and I went with Daniel's cover story and thanked them for making time to meet up with me. We paused periodically to grab some photos here and there. We were very relaxed and casual in conversation and things were coming together. Each pose I was imagining Daniel kneeling and I would size it up ... was this the best spot? I was loving their aesthetic right away, and their playful love and tenderness with one another was shining through. It was one of those sessions when you just know you're gonna be happy with the results. So my nerves slowly went away but I am sure Daniel's were building up inside.

I love these photos not just because it was my first proposal but because it was also a lovely and emotional experience to be a part of ... I am really proud to share these with you, honoured that Daniel asked me and trusted me to capture this special moment for them and just so excited for them to get married! Congrats Trish and Daniel. May you always hold one another the way you did on this day. 

"This spot is so perfect!" .... honestly, it took Daniel longer than I expected to kneel down, I almost thought he didn't hear me. 

"It took me a minute to get the ring out of my pocket because my hands were shaking. I was thinking I was busted and that Trish knew I was going to ask."

Trish called him on it - realizing the whole thing was a set up for this proposal!  

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