Hi, I'm Samson

I'm a mid-thirties rural living, city-loving guy who enjoys tacos more than any other meal, travelling, dark and spiced rums, swear words and lots of stories (both hearing them and telling them). I'm a sucker for puns and "dad jokes", I fill my off-time with woodworking and leathercraft, and between weddings and editing I like camping in the backwoods, canoeing, finding sweet new spots to hike and explore, roads to ride my motorcycle and dogs who want my unwavering affection.

Three of my biggest dreams are...

  1. to visit New York for a wedding or for fun
  2. run a rural wedding venue to host many romantic ceremonies and celebrations
  3. commit to a simple life of ease and modest living full of music, dogs, tacos and gardening

Photo by Amelia Stea MacLaurin, Toronto ON

Photo by Julia Cormier, Lunenburg NS

Photo by Margot Durling, Halifax NS

I love denim shirts almost as much as I love tacos, dogs and photography.

Samson as a photographer ...

I grew up on the east coast of Canada, a very nautical place steeped in traditions, folklore, mystery and heaps of whiskey and rums. Storytelling in these parts is an integral component of youth and adult life. What I love about hearing and sharing stories is the emotion that's woven throughout them.

Most would agree that story and emotion are a perfect pair. It’s that combination that I love photographing most, what I strive for in my work. While studying filmmaking in school I was naturally drawn to documentary work. My focus on documentary films equipped me with a skillset built on anticipation, trained eye for detail and sonar for emotion. Not to mention I am wildly adaptable ... if things don't go as planned you can bet I will roll with it and make the most of what's happening.

I am confident my style is informed, candid and stands out. I’m gentle by nature, a romantic for sure, love adventures and I’m always willing to give something new a try. Let's work together and capture what’s most important to you, preserving memories and giving you photos to cherish forever.

I am happy to build custom packages for most wedding inquiries, and you can find more information check out my pricing page. Please contact me directly for your custom quote.

Samson Photography is currently located on the east coast of Canada but has strong ties to southwest Ontario. You’ll see work from all across Canada in my portfolio due to my very reasonable travel rates. If you’re looking for an adventurous wedding photographer anywhere in Canada (or international), don’t hesitate to reach out.

Photo by Mo Phung

I'd love for you to be a part of my story and let me help tell yours

.... let's connect.

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