Hi, I'm Samson! I live and work in Nova Scotia, situated on the east coast of Canada. It’s a very nautical place steeped in traditions, folklore, mystery, heaps of whiskey and so much more. Like many seafaring lands, storytelling in particular is an integral component of the culture - and as fate would have it, sharing stories is a huge part of who I am and how I connect with the world around me.

Story and emotion go hand in hand, and it’s that combination that I love photographing most. My love of storytelling and longstanding romance with cameras eventually led me to study film in school and subsequently focused my attention on documentary style filmmaking - documentary shooting equipped me with a skillset built on anticipation, trained eye for detail and fuelled by emotion.

My style is informed, candid and stands out. I’m gentle by nature, love adventures and I’m always willing to give something new a try. Let's work together and capture what’s most important to you, giving you memories to cherish forever.


Samson Photography is now based out of Toronto with strong ties to the east coast of Canada. I work globally and am available for weddings, portraits, adventures and coffee! Let’s work together.


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Portrait by Jake Ivany

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